Quantities calculated by Naturally Tiles staff from plans or measurements provided are our best estimate only and should be verified by an onsite measure before tiling commences. Naturally Tiles will not accept responsibility for any tile surplus or shortfall and cannot accept returns on indent items.

In store samples are indicative only. Batches are changed regularly as new shipments arrive, and some ranges have many unique tile ‘faces’. Please check carefully prior to installation.


Naturally Tiles quotes are valid for 14 days from the date of issue.


It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure they have enough tiles to complete their area. We recommend a 10-20% cutting allowance to be included in the quantities at time of order We cannot guarantee further supply of the same batch and/or product. If the goods are in stock, full payment in required when the order is placed.


Our lead times on indent orders from Italy can vary between 3-6 months depending on availability, production dates, and shipping. We require a 30% deposit on all indent orders with the balance required when the goods arrive in New Zealand. For indent orders of $500 or less, and for special border pieces we require payment in full before shipment.

Lead times on indent orders are subject to change anytime due to the current geopolitical situation in Eastern Europe & Red Sea Conflict. We endeavour to meet delivery dates, but where not met, we will not be responsible for any loss, damage or sub sequential loss arising from any delay.


We offer one-month complimentary storage, please contact us regarding collection from our warehouse located at the rear of our showroom 13 Mandeville Street. Pick up times are strictly Monday to Friday 9am-12pm.

As a courtesy we can arrange freight and delivery of your tiles. However please note the responsibility of getting the tiles to site lies with the purchaser. Freight is payable on all deliveries. Delivery refers to and covers the cost of Freight to site only. All on site product movement and costs associated thereof, is the sole responsibility of the customer.

On delivery, verify that the goods are as selected and that the shade, sizing, and grading are acceptable. Please check goods on receipt and if any damage, advise Naturally Tiles within 24 hours of delivery as neither the carrier nor Naturally Tiles can accept subsequent claims. Claims regarding these issues cannot be accepted after installation. All responsibility for damage after goods collection or signing of the delivery docket transfers to the Purchaser.


Tiles are heavy!

The following is the maximum carrying capacity that Naturally Tiles will allow when loading customer’s vehicles: Small cars, hatchbacks etc 200kg, Medium cars 300kg, Large cars & medium SUVs 350kgs, Large SUV’s & Vans 500kgs, Pickup trucks/Ute 650kgs, Single Axle trailer un-braked 450kgs, braked 1000kgs, Dual Axle trailer un-braked 1000kgs, braked 1500kgs.

Per the Land Transport Act 1998, your order will only be loaded if it does not exceed the load capacity of your vehicle or trailer. You are responsible for ensuring the load is properly secured on or in your vehicle, please bring appropriate strapping if required.


Returning or exchanging any goods is at the discretion of Naturally Tiles and we must be notified within 7 days of receiving the goods if you wish to do so.

A 20% handling fee applies to all returns. We will provide a store credit only for full unopened boxes (minimum 3 boxes) within 30 days of the purchase providing they are in saleable condition and accompanied by the original purchase invoice. End of lines, sale items, indent items, damaged, opened, or partial boxes are not returnable.


V1 Uniform Appearance – Differences among pieces from the same production run are minimal.

V2 Slight Variation – Clearly distinguishable differences in texture and/or pattern within similar colours.

V3 Moderate Variation – While the colours and/or texture present on a single piece of tile will be indicative of the colours and/or texture to be expected on the other tiles, the amount of colours and/or texture on each piece may vary significantly. It is recommended that the range be viewed in person before selection.

V4 Substantial Variation – Random colour and/or texture differences from tile to tile, so that one tile may have totally different colours and/or texture from that on other tiles. Thus, the final installation will be unique. It is recommended that the range be viewed in person before selection.


With all Porcelain tiles, there is a "nominal size" and a "working size". The nominal size is what you will see displayed, this is the expected production size e.g. 600x600, but not necessarily the exact size. The working size refers to the actual measurements of the tile, meaning that a 600x600 tile displayed is, in fact, 595x595 (for example). This is the result of the manufacturing process, where product sizes vary or machining to a set size takes place.

The working size can vary between batches. If you are matching an existing tile, it is important to ask for the working size before purchasing.


We will meet our commercial obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act. For any further queries, please contact our team directly. Payment indicates you agree to the above terms & conditions.

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