Miniature Fregio
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Miniature Fregio

Manufactured by
Macra Corona
Wall Tile
| Made in

Marca Corona presents the new small-size collection of the 1741 line with materialistic and chromatic effects inspired by majolica, glass, metal and clay.

There’s a special place in the world inextricably linked to the tradition of ceramics that has become synonymous with Made in Italy excellence. We’re talking, of course, about Sassuolo, the heart of a highly specialized productive district that has long played a leading role in the field of high-end tile coverings, hosting some of the most prestigious companies in the sector. As a historic brand and manufacturer inaugurating the ceramic tradition in the Sassuolo area, Marca Corona proudly reaffirms its roots and identity intimately connected to historic artisanal crafts through the 1741 project.

It’s a line conceived to celebrate the company’s centuries-old background encompassing an array of collections directly inspired by the images and stylistic features of a timeless heritage, all reinterpreted in a contemporary key. The star here is the small size, whose numerous variations are capable of enhancing any environment with rich details and sophisticated combinations. The variety of the offerings, which include rhombuses, hexagons, bricks, listels and cement tiles, build an extensive catalog of solutions with a bold aesthetic impact designed to breathe life into geometric and decorative compositions with an exclusive tone.

Porcelain Tiles suitable for wall application only

Shade Variation V3

Available to indent order from Italy
Indent orders 4-6 months delivery
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Colour Variants

Fregio Bianco Naturale
Fregio Bianco Naturale
Fregio Verde Majolica
Fregio Verde Majolica
Fregio Blu Majolica
Fregio Blu Majolica
Fregio Nero Majolica
Fregio Nero Majolica
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